EB-2 I-140 Approval for Filipino Building Project Engineer Manager Beneficiary and Civil Engineering Company Petitioner in California

CASE: I-140 (EB-2)    EMPLOYER:  Civil Engineering Company in CaliforniaBENEFICIARY: Filipino Building Project Engineer Manager   Our client is from the Philippines. His prospective employer was willing to do an immigration petition for him, second-preference. Our client has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and has more than 5 years of work experience as a Design and Structural Engineer. After talking to our client, our firm concluded that his employer can petition him as a Building Project Engineer Manager. Based on our client’s education and work background, our office determined that he is clearly eligible for EB-2 classification. Prior to filing PERM, our firm prepared the prevailing wage request, job order, advertisements, internal job posting, recruitment report, and all other steps which are important pre-PERM filing. Take note that PERM could be filed at least 60 days from the job posting date or 30 days from the last…

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