E. coli Outbreak Zips Through the Smokey Mountains

By: Dwight Spencer. There has been another major E. coli outbreak in the United States. But oddly, not related to food. This time, ground zero revolves around an outdoor adventure company located in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. The water used along the routes provided to its patrons has been found to contain traces of E. coli bacteria. CLIMB Works Zip Line Canopy Tour Company in Gatlinburg, TN has come under scrutiny in the past few days for making over 500 people sick with E. coli. Testing for exactly what type of strain and possible factors for how the bacteria made it into the water supply are ongoing. CLIMB Works was temporarily closed and has since reopened. In looking over posts from multiple social media sources, one can easily see how saddened and upset the owners of CLIMB Works are. Important: If you visited CLIMB Works between mid-June and early July and are experiencing symptoms associated with E. coli, DO NOT wait, seek medical assistance now. Early medical…

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