Dwyane Wade Waits for Child Custody Ruling

On behalf of Edwards & Associates posted in Father's Rights on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Dwyane Wade, perhaps best known for his performance on the court for the Miami Heat, has been spending a significant amount of time in a court of law in order to fight for his rights as a father. As both sides in the case made their closing arguments last week, Dwyane Wade now has to play the waiting game. A final ruling in his child custody dispute with his ex-wife is expected within the next 60 days. Wade and his ex-wife, Siohvaughn, were high school sweethearts and they married in 2002. They have two young boys together, but they separated in 2007. In 2010, their divorce became official, but the issue of child custody has not been decided. The battle between Dwyane and Siohvaughn has been marked by damaging accusations hurled by both sides. In October, Dwyane Wade appeared in court to refute allegations that he had abused his ex-wife and his children, abused drugs, owned guns or had a sexually transmitted disease. He also testified that his ex-wife had physically attacked him and threw objects at him. Siohvaughn had argued that Wade was an unfit father because he prioritized his career over taking care of his boys. She has accused Wade of using his money and fame to denigrate her. In closing arguments, Wade's attorneys repeated their main arguments that Siohvaughn had anger issues and needed psychiatric help. They believe Siohvaughn is attempting to alienate Wade from his children in an attempt to get revenge for the divorce. While we do not know what the Judge's decision will be, the attorney appointed to represent the interests of the children sided with Dwyane Wade. He believes Wade should have full custody of the boys and that the boys have suffered significantly in the prolonged child custody dispute. Sources: Fox Sports, "Wade awaits custody ruling," 1/23/2011 Chicago Tribune, "Closings heard in Dwyane Wade child custody case," Dawn Rhodes, 1/21/2011 Tags: Dwyane Wade, Father's Rights, child custody Comments: Leave a comment

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