DWI Defense: Attacking the Introduction of the Portable Breath Test (PBT)

Photo credit to Tyler Stewart and the publication News and Tribune The most commonly used device during a DWI investigation is the alcohol screening test device or the portable breath test (PBT). This device is a tool designed to give officers a tool to validate their decision to arrest a potential impaired driver. It is a hand held device that requires a sample of breath init a straw to determine the presence of alcohol in a person’s body. Portable Breath Tests and North Carolina Law North Carolina law does not allow any numeric value from a PBT to be used at trial. North Carolina General Statute 20-16.3 (d) specifically states that: The fact that a driver showed a positive or negative result on an alcohol screening, but not the actual alcohol concentration result, or a driver’s refusal to submit may be used by a law enforcement officer, is admissible in court, or may also be used by an administrative…

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