The DC Court of Appeal in TOWNSEND v. DC on May 31, 2018, remanded a DUI (“Driving Under Influence”) conviction based on erroneous admission of scientific evidence. Townsend was found behind the wheels of a running car partially on a curve, and on the wrong side of a street by the police officers. As she appeared under the influence and incoherent, the officers had administered several field sobriety tests to determine or to establish drug or alcohol use. The standardized field sobriety tests performed were: Walk and turn test: To place the right foot on a line and the left foot in front of it, connecting heel to toe while putting both hands to side and taking nine heel to toe steps while counting out loud and keeping arms to side. After completing the nine steps, the defendant was to turn around and take nine heel to toe steps backwards also counting out loud. The defendant exhibited eight clues on the walk and turn tests, which meant she approximately had a blood…

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