Duane Buck – At Least One More Time – UPDATED

SCOTUS comes through. Nobody else gave a shit that his sentence was infected by racism. Nobody else cared that the others so identified got new sentencing hearings. Nobody else gave a damn. The general rule these days is that you don't want your case to end up in the Supreme Court. God knows it isn't the friendliest place to those seeking last minute stays of their executions. Just ask the thousand plus (I don't really know the number – don't know if anyone does) who have been turned down. But sometimes it's all you've got. For Duane Buck, and at least for today, that was enough. Texas had six hours in which to kill him. They held off for two waiting for the Court to rule on the last ditch petitions before it. And then the Court told them to stop. Here's the order, as stark as these things are. Buck stay // In a few months, the Court will decide whether to hear the case. Until then, Duane Buck lives. And maybe, just maybe racial injustice moves one baby step toward its demise. Nah. That's too much to hope for. UPDATE Here's the motion to stay that the Court granted. Buck Motion to Stay Execution //

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