Dog-Friendly Locations Require Some Caution

Throughout San Jose and the entire Bay Area, there are numerous parks, restaurants, shopping plazas, and other venues which are friendly to four legged companions. While being able to take your dog with you on outings allows for plenty of advantages, it also comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Individual pet owners are responsible for their dogs behavior, and can be held accountable when dog bites resulting in serious personal injuries occur. Consider the following tips on how to protect yourself when encountering a dog, either with the owner or unattended, as well as what to do in the event a bite or attack occurs. Protecting Yourself Against an Attack The Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority is responsible for enforcing state and local animal ordinances in our area. The majority of calls they receive are in regards to roaming dogs, despite local ordinances that require pets to be confined in an owner's yard or leashed when in parks and…

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