Do you know how California courts divide assets in a divorce?

If you find yourself thinking about divorce, you likely have many questions about the process. The truth is that divorce differs in every state and from family to family. You should not rely on information you've gleaned from movies, television or fictional books to develop your expectations of California divorces. Similarly, don't listen to stories from friends and assume your case will end up the same way theirs did. Accurately predicting a divorce's outcome is difficult. The courts have to weigh many unique factors when deciding how to allocate child custody and the assets and debts you accumulated during your marriage. Unless you resolve all of your issues in mediation for an uncontested divorce or have a strong prenuptial agreement on record, you likely want to inform yourself about how California family courts approach the topic. California is a community property state for divorcing families California is one of a handful of states that continues to…

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