Divorce Resources from Maricopa County Superior Court

The time during and soon after a divorce can be confusing, disorienting, even traumatic for children. The care and attention that parents provide makes a big difference in a child's ability to adjust to these changes, but often parents are having difficulties of their own that make it hard to pay attention to the needs of children. If your child is having difficulties adjusting, Maricopa County Superior Court Family Support Center has put together a list of community resources for parents going through divorce (see link at bottom). These resources include divorce counseling and divorce support groups for parents, family and youth counseling services for parents and children, and parenting classes that can help you learn more about your new role as a co-parent. On the Family Support Center area of the site, under "Ties and Knots," you'll find a few pages meant to help parents understand a child's feelings and fears. You will also find the "Bill of Rights of Children." It may be helpful to keep these "rights" in mind as you work through your child custody decision making. Families do adjust and most children go on to live happy lives after parental divorce. Thoughtful planning during divorce, concern for their needs during this time of transition, and a commitment to working together as co-parents during their growing years will ensure their healthy development. Source: Maricopa County Family Court Services, Family Ties and Knots

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