Divorce Rates Soar…Online???

We are constantly faced with articles and stories about the divorce rate. So much so that nearly every American can quote the current divorce rate (about 50%) without skipping a beat. Amazingly, there is one place were the divorce/annulment rate has soared to 75% – the internet. The hugely successful online role-playing game MapleStory recent reported that the divorce rate in cyberland is currently at about 75%. Nexon, the makers of MapleStory, recently reported that of the 26,982 in-game marriages (which cost $25.00 a pop, by the way) that took place this year, 20,344 ended in annulment/divorce. Just like divorce in the real world, MapleStory players don't divorce for free. An in-game divorce costs 500,000 Mesos (aka MapleStory money) and players must relinquish their wedding ring. Players must also wait ten days before marrying someone else.

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