Divorce Co-Mediation: Two Heads Really Are Better Than One!

The Co-mediation team at TDC, Steve & Betsy By Massachusetts Divorce Attorney and Mediator Stephen McDonough and Betsy Ross, LICSW, CGP Everyone knows that two heads are better than one. All mediators have a head. Thus, co-mediation must be better! Really, who can argue with that logic? Actually, there is more to it than that, or this would be a really short post. For one thing, an extra chair is required; but even beyond the furniture requirements, co-mediation is another tool in the divorce tool-box worthy of your consideration. Here are some things to know about co-mediation in the context of divorce or other family conflict. What is Co-Mediation? In a co-mediation model, there are….drumroll please….you guessed it!.…TWO MEDIATORS. At The Divorce Collaborative LLC, our team consists of a male divorce lawyer and female psychotherapist. Sort of a good cop – good cop vibe. The dynamic of a skilled, complimentary team provides numerous benefits. In the divorce and family law context, the team of a divorce attorney and a family therapist is tough to beat. The co-mediators are skilled and experienced in dealing with both the legal and emotional dynamics of your situation. Differences in their backgrounds, education, and experiences provide a depth to the mediation that a single mediator cannot match. The Benefits Male / female team provides increased comfort to clients, and the opportunity to coordinate outfits. Exposure to two styles of communication and interaction. Opportunities for more creative problem-solving due to varying backgrounds of different divorce pros. Higher levels of neutrality as the mediators can keep each other in check to guard against any bias a single mediator may develop against one party. Enhanced ability to address your important issues thoroughly as the mediators consult together to work toward better problem solving based on your needs. Greater opportunity for clients to be understood with two sets of ears listening. Better value – Clients have the benefit of two professionals, but the cost is not twice as much. In fact, the cost remains considerably less than hiring two attorneys to battle things out if you are a fan of the scorched-earth approach to solving family conflict. Lasting agreements are best reached when the emotional and legal aspects of a divorce or other family issues are addressed. Working with a psychotherapist and a Massachusetts divorce lawyer as co-mediators helps promote clearer communications and better ways to overcome obstacles to settlement. Utilizing the mediation process can pave the way for a better life for you and your family going forward. About Your Co-Mediation Team at The Divorce Collaborative LLC Both mediators at The Divorce Collaborative LLC are seasoned divorce professionals that have been helping clients through this challenging transition throughout the Metro-west Boston area for years. Betsy Ross is an experienced psychotherapist, divorce coach, and mediator. For more info about Betsy, click here. Stephen McDonough is a Massachusetts divorce lawyer and mediator, and owner of The Divorce Collaborative LLC, a Massachusetts law firm with offices in Bedford and Franklin. You can read Steve's bio here, or wait for the 3D movie. Stephen and Betsy have been mediating together for about two years. Recently, they were interviewed together on the Sharon, MA cable television show Wise Friends about their work to change the way people get divorced. Soon, they expect to host Saturday Night Live. For more info, please call (508) 346-3805, or email: info@divorcecollaborative.com Divorce Co-Mediation: Two Heads Really Are Better Than One! is a post from: The Divorce Collaborative

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