Divorce California Style

On May 30, 2011, Monday, it is a beautiful day in La Jolla California where my family law office is located. Same as the weather slightly north from San Diego where Maria Shriver is putting together her petition for dissolution of marriage, according to reports, and finalizing her divorce plans against Husband A. Schwarzenegger. As this blog predicted a few days ago, Rogelio Baena, former Husband to Schwarzenegger's alleged sex partner, Mildred Baena, is expressing his anger directed at Schwarzenegger as reported in several news stories and we expect that he is also using this Memorial Day for his law suit planning. As a San Diego Certified Family Law Specialist lawyer I'm reviewing the latest news reports as to this developing story as the California divorce implications are significant. At this point everyone needs a refresher course on the participants to this looming legal battle: Schwarzenegger–Husband to Maria Shriver. Maria Shriver, wife to Schwarzenegger in a California long term marriage (over twenty years). Mildred Baena is the alleged mother of Schwarzenegger's child and a former household employee of Schwarzenegger-Shriver. And, Rogelio Baena, described above, the former Husband to Mildred who reportedly states that he thought the child (of Mildred and Schwarzenegger) was his. At this time it is anticipated that the family law attorneys and others, for Mildred, Maria and Rogelio are designing petitions and complaints directed at Schwarzenegger. Under California community property laws, 50% of Schwarzenegger's reported $400 million estate belongs to Maria (except for separate property belonging to Schwarzenegger and/or monies protected by a prenuptial agreement if there is one). Mildred will seek child support (which would be gigantic under California child support guideline laws) plus she may file a "Marvin" case against Schwarzenegger whereby she would allege that Schwarzenegger is obligated to provide support or other funds to her pursuant to contract law or trust law legal theories. Rogelio will claim, if he files, that he was the victim of Schwarzenegger's reported extramarital activities and has suffered great emotional harm.

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