Divorce & Advice for Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence involves physical harm or threats to harm someone who is an intimate partner, a family member, a current or former household member, or someone who is closely related through blood or marriage. However, under California law, domestic violence is far more than hitting or beating someone. It includes various types of bullying behaviors, which cause intimidation and fear for one’s safety. Domestic violence includes the following behaviors: Sexual assault Stalking Harassing Animal abuse (family pets) Destroying property Scaring or threatening someone Keeping someone from coming or going Controlling, belittling and manipulating Threatening to hurt someone Physically injuring someone Intentionally or recklessly inflicting physical harm If your husband or wife is abusing you or your children, it’s critical that you file for divorce, but sinceleaving is the most dangerous time for domestic violence victims, you do not want to do it…

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