Distracted Driving Inaction By Massachusetts House: Members So Blind They Should Never Drive

The media has been doing a lot of broadcasting and publishing recently – very justifiably – on the subject of the Massachusetts Legislature’s shameful failure to act promptly in passing a revised distracted driving bill in this state. In the meantime, the lives of millions of drivers on the roads of Massachusetts remain at heightened risk due to people using their cell phones while behind the wheel. Distracted driving – whether talking on a phone, texting, or surfing through apps – is killing people every month that state government fails to crack down – as in, “Big Time.’ When is this Roadshow of Russian Roulette going to cease? Don’t ask the Legislature: Most of them are too busy finding excuses to grow backbones, with the majority in the Massachusetts House of Representatives buckling under the weight of monied interests, or political pathos, or both. The Massachusetts state senate passed a distracted driving measure…

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