Disciplinary settlement agreements are typically subject to "narrow construction"

Disciplinary settlement agreements are typically subject to "narrow construction"Marine Engineers' Beneficial Assn. v City of New York, 2019 NY Slip Op 01327, Appellate Division, First DepartmentThe term "narrow construction" used to describe the application of a law, rule or regulation based on a literal and narrow interpretation of the text of the provision. Marine Engineer's is an example of "narrow construction" in the interpretation and application of the terms and conditions set out in  a disciplinary settlement agreements.A Chief Marine Engineer [CME] of a Staten Island ferryboat was found asleep on duty during his shift. The CME's union and the City of New York [City] entered into an agreement to settle the matter in which the CME agreed to a 30-day suspension without pay "in full satisfaction of the disciplinary matter."Upon returning to work following the suspension without pay, the CME was…

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