Difficulties with Parthasarathy's "U.S. patent system out of step"

An article titled U.S. patent system out of step with today’s citizens appears in Finance & Commerce, but pointing to an earlier post at The Conversation , which in turn states of the article — This is an updated version of an article originally published on July 31, 2015. –, thus, about three years old.The Finance-Commerce post includes the text:It is worth observing that while the U.S. system was initially conceived as a democratic improvement upon the European systems of the time, today’s pan-European patent system is far ahead of its U.S. counterpart in terms of both its public engagement and its attention to the implications that citizens care about.If the U.S. patent system wants to maintain public trust, it has to realize that the 21st-century citizen is quite different from her 18th-century forebears. Today’s citizen cares about the ethical and socioeconomic implications of patents and the technologies they cover and is not content to assume…

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