Deckhand Files Lawsuit for Injuries Sustained in Fall Accident

A deckhand has filed a lawsuit against his employer for injuries he sustained in a fall accident. The worker filed a lawsuit against his employer, Florida Marine Transporters. According to the lawsuit, on April 20, 2010, the deckhand was working on the Howard Blank HBI, when he fell down a flight of stairs. In the lawsuit, he alleges that insufficient lighting in the stairwell contributed to his maritime accident. The lawsuit alleges that Florida Marine Transporters failed to maintain the tugboat in a safe condition, failed to properly illuminate the stairwell, failed to discover and correct the dangerous condition, failed to implement safety procedures and failed to provide safety devices. The lawsuit claims damages for physical pain, mental anguish, suffering, benefits, medical expenses and lost wages among others. As a maritime lawyer, I often see that deckhands are some of the most overworked and overstressed maritime workers. Deckhands can be found on all types of vessels, and the duties and responsibilities vary depending on the kind of vessel. For instance, a deckhand on a cruise vessel will have different responsibilities than a deckhand on a commercial fishing vessel. However, these are typically low-paying, high stress jobs that require a person to be constantly on his feet. These jobs call for strenuous physical work, even in hostile weather. Deckhands are required for a myriad of small jobs around the vessel, and are required to be active and on the go all the time. All the physical work only increases the risk of injuries. If you are an injured deckhand, and have questions about your rights under maritime law, contact a maritime attorney at my firm for a free consultation. Source: Louisiana Record

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