Dear BP: Letter from Congress to Tony Hayward Addresses Serious Concerns

Earlier this month, a House Committee on Energy and Commerce sent a letter to BP's Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward in preparation for the latter's testimony before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations that had been scheduled for later in the month. The letter raises the committee's concerns on the kind of decisions that were made in the days and weeks just before the Deepwater Horizon semisubmersible oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Just five days before the explosion, the letter states, BPs engineer had called the well a "nightmare well." There were several problems that were made known about the well, but the company seems to have made certain decisions based purely on economic reasons, and that the decisions seemed to increase the risk of a well failure. The letter also states that several of the decisions seemed to have been made in violation of industry guidelines, and in spite of several warnings made by BPs own employees and contractors. According to the letter, BP time and again chose risky procedures as part of its cost and time cutting measures. The letter clearly outlines five crucial decisions that BP made that could've possibly contributed to the explosion. These include BPs decision to use a well design that had few barriers to gas flow. BPs failure to use enough sufficient numbers of centralizers to prevent channeling during the cementing process The failure to run a cement bond log to determine if the cement job was effective BPs failure to circulate potentially gas bearing drilling muds out of the well BP's failure to secure the well head using a lockdown sleeve, prior to allowing pressure on the seal from below Maritime lawyer Brian Beckcom is a Board-Certified Trial Lawyer whose primary focus is the representation of Jones Act seamen, including tankermen, galley hands, deckhands, cruise line crews, fishing vessel crew members, offshore workers and other maritime workers in accidents in Texas, across the country and international waters.

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