Daniel Baldwin Obtains Restraining Order and Files for Divorce

Actor Daniel Baldwin recently filed for divorce from his wife Joanne, but not before also obtaining a restraining order against her, according to the Associated Press as a reported by television station KFMB. The news agency reports that the actor, a brother or Alec Baldwin, told police Joanne "punched him, threatened him with a knife in front of the couple's children and made threats of violence and death 'too numerous to list.'" The couple live in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. In addition to the restraining order, the report notes, Joanne was also detained for several days on charges of "violating her parole for a drunken driving conviction." According to AP the Baldwins have been together since 2006, and married since 2007. Daniel filed for divorce the morning after the alleged domestic violence incident. When we think of California domestic violence most of us generally assume that it is directed against the woman in a couple – and, statistically that is the far more common scenario. But as any Orange County father's rights advocate will tell you, the Baldwin case is a reminder that domestic violence can happen anywhere. From the perspective of an Orange County family law attorney it is important that every case like this one be given a fair hearing – one in which justice is served and both parties are able to put forward their arguments without having to overcome either fear or prejudice. The important thing to remember is that you have a right to live safely. We all hope that incidents like the one alleged to have befallen Daniel Baldwin never happen to us. When they do, it is equally important that you know where to turn. An experienced Orange County child custody and domestic violence lawyer can offer essential advice to anyone forced to navigate the unfamiliar world of our court system. AP via KFMB: Daniel Baldwin files for divorce: Claims violence

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