Danger Zones for Parking Lot Accidents in Homestead and Florida

Parking lot accidents in Homestead and across Florida do cause serious injury, even though they usually do not involve high speeds. Even slowed down to slip into a parking spot, multiple directions of traffic, close quarters, and a combination of pedestrian, car, and truck traffic can all spell danger for drivers. Parking lot accidents lead to many types of injuries, including crushing injuries, head trauma, back injury, soft tissue injury, whiplash, and other injuries. You especially want to be careful in these zones of the parking lot: Near parking spaces. Do you have your eye on a parking spot? Pause a moment, because you can easily crash into another vehicle when you are trying to get a prime spot. With both vehicles moving into the same spot, the impact of the collision can be greater than you think. Stop signs. Stop signs and speed bumps are used in parking lots to help control traffic and speed. Unfortunately, some drivers still drive too fast in parking lots, putting…

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