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These are some of the things I've been tweeting about today: "A Guy Selling Jokes in Central Park for $1 Each Makes More Money Than Most Aspiring Comedy Writers" http://j.mp/qHNpQ6 silicon alley insider asks "Who Is The New YouTube Of Porn?" http://j.mp/obepRP fascinating post on techdirt: "Should Anonymity Be Dealt With Differently In Copyright Cases Than In Defamation Cases?" http://j.mp/qK8vpV judge judy is coming back to ten: "Oprah Winfrey to exit TEN's arvos" http://j.mp/nOzMCs /cc @ryyder nor am i: "Eddie Murphy to host Oscars and I'm not delirious about it" http://j.mp/pDUBTW is jim cooper "The Last Moderate" in congress? http://j.mp/rkiVZQ "Reuters Snags Slate's Jack Shafer" http://j.mp/ptmEhq … but has @junethomas got a new gig yet? maybe it's not so silly after all?: "A Groupon for College Courses Actually Makes a Lot of Sense" http://j.mp/pyX9EY "Paper versus the iPad: Is taking notes on a tablet computer or a notepad more environmentally responsible?" http://j.mp/q300Ub a must-read series at @slate: "Trutherism 2011 – The rise and fall of the 9/11 conspiracy theory" http://j.mp/qKEhhK "Romney vs. Perry: Why isn't Mitt making a stronger case against his aggressive rival?" asks @jdickerson http://j.mp/rcdxpt an interesting comparison: "Best Global Brands v Best Facebook Brands" http://j.mp/qJWlsn support @newmatilda: "NM Faces Closure In 2012" http://j.mp/qvlsFb a good piece on the battle between the afl and the nrl: "The gap narrows between the two big codes" http://j.mp/oyo6BF this is surprising: "Quick not-link: Australia's biggest music funding body" http://j.mp/no256B #auspol this is fun: "Brilliantly Sarcastic Responses To Completely Well-Meaning Signs" http://j.mp/oOiJRo but i thought it was cool: "Checking In Is the Least Popular Smartphone Activity" http://j.mp/r9BeUn "Australian Judge Asks For iPad Sales Stats In Galaxy Tab Case" http://j.mp/pIGcnU #lwb486 "The ALP ship has already hit the electoral iceberg" says @GrogsGamut http://j.mp/qwIEMf #auspol well of course they would: "UniSA defends global ranking" http://j.mp/nwXir8 the honourable michael kirby ac is speaking at uq on 27 september on the topic "Inside the High Court" http://j.mp/pGBg4Y plus the 2% showing for katter's australian party seems about right – although he could poll well in country seats http://j.mp/orxXSa campbell newman polling well in ashgrove: "Win over Ashgrove voters? Can Do, says poll" http://j.mp/orxXSa but where is the facebook ipad app?: "Facebook for iPhone Gets Big Privacy Upgrade" http://j.mp/oEs0E1 "Rick Perry Faces Reality Check in 2012 GOP Debate With Romney, Bachmann" says @HowardKurtz http://j.mp/ofkVT0 a somewhat controversial piece by elizabeth drew on 9/11: "A 9/11 anniversary misremembered" http://j.mp/ouKjZv "Simply evil: A decade after 9/11, it remains the best description and most essential fact about al-Qaida." http://j.mp/pwSxiZ "The Myth of Reputation" by @chrisbrogan http://j.mp/nDeYvU Follow me on Twitter @peterjblack.

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