Cybercrime in Miami, Nationwide Claims 1 Million Victims Daily

The website is reporting that new research shows that 1 million people fall prey to cybercrime in Miami and elsewhere throughout the United States every day. It's a staggering number, and a situation that has far-reaching consequences. Everything from a person's identification to credit card and bank account information are being stolen and used by fraudsters as a way to steal money. Meanwhile, the victim's credit could suffer and their security is threatened. These victims require representation from a Miami cybercrime attorney who has spent years prosecuting, defending and bringing lawsuits related to cybercrime. On the flip side, because cybercrime is such a hot-button topic for law enforcement and the news media, many people are falsely accused of committing this crime. This is an extremely complex world of computers, networks, spy programs and other tactics that sometimes law enforcement has a difficult time tracking down. Therefore, a defendant should be well-represented when facing these serious allegations. According to the news story, Americans may be familiar with the large-scale breaches at Sony, Citibank and Epsilon, but what they may not understand is that these attacks happen on real people, every day, as well. Norton, the anti-virus software manufacturer, recently released a report that states 431 million adults have been victimized by cybercrime, costing countries more than $114 billion in financial losses. When you add in the amount of time spent to retrieve the money that was lost, the number spikes to nearly $388 billion. Think about that — $388 billion per year is spent trying to recoup money that was stolen through computer-related attacks. That can be anything from setting up a virus to hack into a computer and steal passwords, to sending phishing e-mails designed to steal credit card information, allowing the thief to go on extravagant spending sprees. If these forms of theft could be curtailed, there's a lot of money that could be saved and used on more needed causes. According to the report, in 2010 more than 74 million people were victims of some form of cybercrime in the United States, totaling $32 billion in direct financial losses. Norton found that 14 adults worldwide are victimized by online fraudsters every second, meaning more than 1 million people a day are hacked. Cybercrime comes in many forms. These are the most popular: e-mailed viruses and malware online scams phishing messages As our technology expands, so do the avenues for cybercrime artists to victimize unsuspecting consumers. With smartphones expanding their possibilities, home-based Internet available on television, and more and more people's credit card and bank information being online, the stakes are high. In fact, Norton reports that cybercrime costs governments more than the black market for marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined. Those illegal trades cost $288 billion compared to the $388 billion from cybercrimes. This is a complex world that requires an experienced and dedicated Miami cybercrimes lawyer who knows how this world works. Whether seeking criminal defense representation or help after you've been victimized, we can help.

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