Cruise News Round-Up: A Cruise Billionaire, Cruise Industry Lies, Royal Caribbean Monkey Business, and Good News For Cruise Law News

This week was another interesting week in the strange world of cruise law. Just consider: A Cruise CEO With Billions of Dollars But No Soul Carnival Cruise's CEO Billionaire Mickey Arison was named the richest man in Florida again by Fortune magazine with a net worth of $4,100,000,000. So why does he pay his injured and ill crew members slave wages of only $12 a day? Arison owns the Miami Heat and is paying basketball stars Dwayne Wade and LeBron James hundreds of millions of dollars, but he treats his crew employees like dog crap. Arison and the other cruise line tycoons Leon Black and the Pritzker families are stereotypes of greedy shipping executives. Earlier this year I wrote about these Cruise Line Fat Cat Billionaires. Here we are again with these billionaires counting their pennies. Billions for me, peanuts for the crew. More Lies By the Cruise Line International Association The notorious Cruise Line International Association ("CLIA"), which rivals the former communist regimes of Russia for a complete lack of credibility (Pravda anyone?) released a major marketing PR effort this week to promote itself as a green industry. CEO Arison is quoted as saying that the cruise industry is "committed to the highest environmental standards through cutting-edge environmental policies, procedures, technologies . . . " Ha. The truth is that Arison and CLIA fought tooth and nail this year to avoid Alaska's high wastewater restrictions. A green company? Why does CLIA oppose the Clean Air Law and its cruise ship are still burning nasty bunker fuel? At the same time CLIA issued its environmental press statement, numerous newspapers published articles revealing that the cruise industry still has a long, long way to go to protect the seas in which its cruise ships still pollute: "Cruise Ships Continue Dumping Sewage," "The Dark Side of Cruising: Waste Disposal," and "Cruise Ships Continue to Foul the Baltic Sea." More Monkey Business By Royal Caribbean My blog this week contained two of my most widely read articles over the course of the last year. Royal Caribbean's Deep Throat focused on the corruption in Royal Caribbean's risk management department. The "Deep Throat" article about the cruise line's indifference toward its own corrupt employee should be read in contrast to the cruise line's diabolical conduct toward a former cruise line lawyer who decided to "switch sides" and represent injured passengers and crew members – Royal Caribbean Forces Defense Lawyer to Switch Sides. This article was widely circulated by email within Royal Caribbean's legal department and its outside law firm who are teaming up in a campaign of malicious prosecution against our firm. The "Deep Throat" article was named as one of the "best in blogs" by LexBlog yesterday. More Good News For Cruise Law News (CLN) Speaking of the best blogs, CLN has reached another milestone as one of the most read legal blogs in the U.S. Three months ago, I was excited to mention that this blog was the 55th most popular legal blog per the Alexa rankings and was rising fast. I predicted by the end of the year that CLN's popularity would place it in the top 25 law blogs. Well today Alexa's ranking shows that CLN moved up from the 55th to the 32nd most popular law blog. It seems that the public is hungry for a source of information about cruising other than the slick corporate statements from billionaire executives and bogus facts from the cruise industry's PR people. Interested in how your blog or website is ranked? Click here and download the Alexa toolbar. It will take 20 seconds . . . Credits: Mickey Arison – David Adame AP (via Cruise Blog)

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