Criminal Vehicular Homicide Charges: Part II

In Lundgren & Johnson’s first article from the criminal vehicular operation series in October 2017, we discussed the eight categories of Minnesota criminal vehicular homicide (CVH) and criminal vehicular operation (CVO) charges.  While those eight categories encompass a variety of factual circumstances, each one has a common requirement:  causation.  In other words, Minnesota criminal vehicular homicide and operation charges all require that the prosecutor allege a particular defendant caused the death or injury of another.  Further, in order to convict a defendant of CVH or CVO, a prosecutor must then prove that accusation beyond a reasonable doubt. For the purposes of this article, we will use the term criminal vehicular homicide as an umbrella term for the offenses constituting CVO and CVH.  The varying distinctions of the severity of charges involving CVH and CVO will be addressed in another part of this continuing series in the Lundgren…

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