Court Tosses Antitrust Claims That Internet Giants Are Biased Against Conservatives–Freedom Watch v. Google

Apologies if I’m not being appropriately empathetic, but I think lawsuits alleging that Internet giants are biased against conservatives are stupid and counterproductive. They are premised on factually unsupportable assertions of bias, and most of these plaintiffs would enthusiastically cheer such bias so long as it worked against minorities or the libs. Further, there is no viable solution to “fix” bias. “Bias” is intrinsic in every media ecology, so it’s impossible to eradicate. The closest “solution” to a bias problem is a mandatory must-carry rule, but that would allow the trolls to overwhelm the ecosystem, destroying it. The plaintiffs in this case are Freedom Watch and Laura Loomer. Freedom Watch is a “conservative non-profit public interest organization” with accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple. Freedom Watch claims that, due to conservative content suppression, its growth and revenues have…

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