Copyright Series by University of Ottawa Prof Michael Geist "Misleading on Fair Dealing"

On his blog, University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist has started a series dealing with misconceptions that he states publishers and rights-holding organizations have been disseminating about fair dealing.Fair dealing is an exception allowed under the Copyright Act. It allows use of limited portions of a copyright protected work without permission or payment of copyright royalties for purposes such as  research, private study, education, satire, parody, criticism, review or news reporting.In the first part of the series, Prof. Geist explains:"Fair dealing has unsurprisingly emerged as one of the dominant topics of the ongoing Canadian copyright review. While educational institutions maintain that spending on content has increased since the 2012 reforms that added education to the list of fair dealing purposes, Access Copyright and the publishing community argue that licensing revenues have declined. Starting today, I’ll be posting a series on fair …

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