Controlling Corporate Legal Costs by Legal Document Automation: Brand New Application in Employment Law

“On average, lawyers spend 60 per cent of their time drafting documents. If there is a tool that allows them to do that faster and better, then it is an obvious choice.” Thomson Reuters / Catherine Bamford     … Here’s another post about the promise of Legal Document Automation for both time savings and enhanced accuracy. This one in employment law. This past Monday Ogletree Deakins — a U.S. law firm known for labor and employment law expertise — rolled out a new software tool for a different set of corporate legal needs: “DIY Arbitration Agreements“. Their promise: “Generate your [employment arbitration] agreements in Under Five Minutes“. … Facing a litigious U.S. legal system — businesses have for years sought out alternative dispute resolution methods — arbitration, mediation, and other approaches — to mitigate the expense and distraction posed by lawsuits in…

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