Constitutional Law-Other Amendments

All of the amendments are important. A brief description of the other amendments to the U.S. Constitution follows. * The Eleventh Amendment states that federal courts do not have the authority to hear lawsuits brought by a citizen or non-citizen of one state against another state in the Union. (This is not to be confused with diversity jurisdiction.) * The Twelfth Amendment deals with the functioning of the electoral college. * The Thirteenth Amendment abolishes slavery. * The Fifteenth Amendment extends the right to vote to all citizens. * The Sixteenth Amendment allows for income tax to be imposed. * The Seventeenth Amendment deals with the number of senators for each state and how vacancies in a senate seat are filled. * The Eighteenth Amendment enacts prohibition. * The Nineteenth Amendment grants women the right to vote. * The Twentieth Amendment deals with presidential succession and the convening of Congress. * The Twenty-first Amendment repeals prohibition. * The Twenty-second Amendment imposes limits on how long a person can serve as President. * The Twenty-third Amendment allows the District of Columbia electors to vote for President and Vice President. * The Twenty-fourth Amendment establishes the right of citizens to vote without being restricted by paying a poll tax. This is an Amendment principally designed to prohibit states from precluding certain citizens from voting by imposing financial restraints on them. * The Twenty-fifth Amendment deals with presidential succession. * The Twenty-sixth Amendment gives 18-year-olds the right to vote. * The Twenty-seventh Amendment prohibits congressional pay raises from taking effect until the next election of representatives.

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