My Compensation Guide to Whiplash Injury Compensation

My Compensation, a whiplash injury compensation specialist in London, has put together the following article to help readers understand more about this injury and claiming compensation for it. The article was written by Jim Loxley.

Here at My Compensation, we know that every personal injury has its own characters and this is especially true for whiplash injuries. Because injuries from whiplash accidents can be relatively serious, seeking compensation for them is a common consideration. The main reason why drivers in the UK frequently consider claiming whiplash injury compensation is the fact that these types of bodily damage is very common component in car accidents. Car accidents are often caused by someone else’s negligent driving, too. If someone suffered in this way, the offending driver should be the one to pay injury compensation in recompense for the damages which were suffered by the claimant. But first, let’s take a look into what whiplash is.

an image showing a car accident where a whiplash injury was sustained

Car accidents such as this one can cause whiplash injuries.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash injuries are sustained when a sudden jolt happens, pulling the neck, spine and upper body in one direction in a quick movement of an over-extension or hyper flexion. Whiplash injury damage can be to discs, inter-vertebral joints, cervical muscles, nerve endings and ligaments. Notice that this is a soft tissue issue injury. Any serious impact such as those that might be experienced in a road traffic accident can cause whiplash. It’s the sudden pulling on certain muscles, tendons and soft tissues which from your back to your shoulders in a whip-like motion, hence the name. Whiplash accident compensation is comment because it can be a nasty injury.

How do I know if I’ve got whiplash?

Whiplash injuries are felt as a sprain, stiffness or shooting pains of varying degrees of seriousness around the neck and upper shoulder area. An extremely serious whiplash injury can be felt sometimes down towards the middle back. The list of symptoms is relatively extensive and includes but is not limited to. The more serious your injury, the more injury compensation you will receive. It varies from accident to accident.

  • Pain or unusual sensation in the fingers and hands
  • Numbness, tingling or burning in the neck (paresthesias)
  • Experiencing a blurring in your vision
  • Headaches of varying degrees of severity, sometimes migraines
  • Experiencing nodules and/or tenderness in the superficial cervical muscle
  • Issues with finding your point of balance or spells of feeling dizzy
  • Cognitive problems including depression, loss of memory, impaired concentration, fatigue and others
  • Stiffness to the neck and shoulders
  • Noticeable muscle and ligament damage (myofascial injuries)

How will whiplash effect my everyday life after an accident?

Whiplash can be a seriously debilitating injury depending on the severity of the ailment. My Compensation speaks with clients that suffer in varying ways. However, even if it’s a mild injury, whiplash compensation can be claimed. In many milder cases, the injury is felt as a sprain of sorts to the neck and may not affect your everyday activities too much. However, in more serious instances, it’s possible that you will find it difficult to sit at a desk for anything resembling an extended period of time and also carry out day to day tasks such as bathing, cooking, gardening or cleaning. If you have any kind of a manual job, you will almost certainly will be off work for sometime and in a neck brace in order to ensure that further injury is not sustained to your neck following the car accident. It’s important that you seek medical assistance if you feel like you may have suffered in this way and insure to keep all medical records for your visit to the doctor or other medical professionals such as physiotherapists.

Should any claim whiplash injury compensation?

This really depends on whose fault the whiplash accident was. Injury claims are really a matter of liability. If you are suffering in these ways from the whiplash injury and the accident was someone else’s fault then whiplash injury compensation claims should be considered, at least. The first step is to gather all of the evidence and information that you have from the incident and call an accident injury compensation specialist in order to get a free consultation to start with. The British legal system currently allows you to claim damages, meaning you can be compensated for injury, loss of earnings expenses and any psychological damages which may have occurred as a result of the traffic accident. Seeking recompense if it was not your fault is only ethical as it’s not you who should be suffering if didn’t do anything wrong.

Jim Loxley is a Director at My Compensation. Sources for this article can be found at the following links. Source 1Source 2 free online slots with no downloads

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