Compare and Contrast: The Vatican’s Gathering of Bishops in Rome with the Epstein Court on Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims

What do the Catholic clergy sex abuse and the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandals have in common other than disclosure through award-winning journalism? They both involved powerful men who worked in deep secret to protect their mutual interests while literally ignoring the suffering of a seemingly unlimited number of child victims.Led by then-Miami US Attorney Alex Acosta, a team of federal prosecutors repeatedly communicated with Epstein’s lawyers about their agreement not to prosecute Epstein for a child sex abuse trafficking system that involved dozens of girls. But it wasn’t just a non-prosecution agreement (“NPA”); it was also a deal to keep the negotiations secret from the victims.That’s right: here is Epstein’s attorney, Jay Lefkowitz, writing to the prosecutor: “Please do whatever you can to keep this . . . from becoming public.” Thus, their written NPA stated: “The parties anticipate that this…

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