Collection of a Fee Arbitration Committee determination

Law Lessons from RIDGWAY & STAYTON, L.L.C. v. GRACE HETTINGER, App. Div., A-2688-09T1, February 9, 2011: After a client seeks fee arbitration pursuant to Rule 1:20A-3 and the District Fee Arbitration Committee enters a determination that an attorney is due money from the client; and the client neither pays the amount due within thirty days as required by R. 1:20A-3(b)(4) nor files a notice of appeal within twenty-one days of the determination as required by R. 1:20A-3(d); then, the attorney may file an order to show cause pursuant to R. 1:20A-3(e) for entry of judgment in accordance with the fee arbitration determination. R. 1:20[A]-3(e) provides in pertinent part that ". . . In any application for the entry of a [summary] judgment [pursuant to R. 4:67] in accordance with this rule, no court shall have jurisdiction to review a fee arbitration committee determination. Said review is reserved exclusively to the Disciplinary Review Board under R. 1:20-15(1)." This proposition has also been supported in Linker v. The Company Car Corporation, 281 N.J. Super. 579 (App. Div. 1995). Note: There is a print link embedded within this post, please visit this post to print it. NOTE: My legal services include family law, divorce, child support, litigation, arbitration, mediation, child custody and visitation, alimony, equitable distribution, separation agreements, palimony, PSA, property settlement agreement, premarital and prenuptial agreements, midmarriage and marital agreements.

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