Cole Office & Industrial REIT Investigation

Cole Office & Industrial REIT New Tender Price $7.51/share According to SEC filings on November 18, 2018, CMG Partners, Inc. has launched a third-party mini tender offer to purchase up to 275,000 Class A shares of Cole Office & Industrial REIT, Inc.’s common stock for $7.51 per share. Unfortunately for investors, the offer represents a significantly reduced price from its current NAV of $10.58. The REIT’s board of directors strongly recommends that its shareholders reject the unsolicited offer and not tender their shares. Non-traded REITs are high risk, complex investments. They are typically only suitable for sophisticated investors with a high net worth. The other problem is illiquidity. Often investors have trouble finding a buyer when they are ready to sell, and when they do it is often at a loss. Investors may have claims. The White Law Group has represented numerous investors in claims against the brokerage firm that recommended non-traded REITs such…

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