Coast Guard Rescues 31 Passengers in Florida Catamaran Accident

The US Coast Guard mounted a massive rescue operation to evacuate the passengers of a catamaran that ran aground off the Florida Keys. The incident occurred on the 11th of March, and involved a 40-foot catamaran. The catamaran began to take on water after it ran aground near Cottrell Key in Florida. By the time Coast Guard boat crews reached the scene, the catamaran had begun to take on a lot of water and was partially submerged. The Coast Guard was able to evacuate all passengers to safety. It was a terrifying ordeal for the passengers on board who included infant children. Being involved in any kind of maritime incident can be a terrifying experience. Out in the water, charges for rescue can seem limited, and passengers and crewmembers may be put through tremendous anxiety and anguish. Adverse weather and rough sea conditions can also delay and hamper rescue efforts. As a maritime lawyer, I'm well aware of the anguish that passengers and crewmembers can be put to in an incident like this. If you have been injured or been involved in an accident at sea, contact my office for a free initial consultation. You can also order a free copy of my book Insider's Guide to Winning your Maritime Injury Case.

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