Closing/Title Services – For Sale by Owner

The main incentive for homeowners to sell their property on their own, for sale by owner (FSBO), is to save the broker’s commission. A broker’s main job is to find buyers for properties that will pay a fair price for your home. Brokers should also advise buyers on all aspects of the purchase – but their main job is to find a good buyer for your home. Good buyers are people who will pay the price that is comparable to or better than other similar homes. Good buyers are also people who have the finances necessary to buy the home or to obtain a mortgage. Broker’s commission Brokers generally receive a commission for obtaining a buyer and helping the buyer. The broker’s commission is normally six percent of the sales price. If a home is sold for $200,000, then the broker’s commission, based on six percent commission, is $12,000. Sellers try to sell homes on their own to save the broker’s commission. What a seller does in an FSBO real estate…

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