Client Alert: FCC Sets September 14, 2011 as the Deadline for Payment of FY 2011 Annual Regulatory Fees

By Richard R. Zaragoza and Christine A. Reilly 8/15/2011 The FCC has announced that full payment of all applicable Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 2011 must be received no later than September 14, 2011. As of this date, the FCC has not released a Public Notice officially announcing the deadline for payment of FY 2011 annual regulatory fees. However, the FCC's website indicates that the 2011 annual regulatory fees must be paid no later than 11:59 pm (EST) on September 14, 2011. As reported in July 2010, beginning in 2011, the Commission has discontinued mailing assessment notices to licensees/permittees. It is the responsibility of each licensee/permittee to determine what fees are due and to pay them in full by the deadline. Information pertaining to the annual regulatory fees is available online at Annual regulatory fees are owed for most FCC authorizations held as of October 1, 2010 by any licensee or permittee which is not otherwise exempt from the payment of such fees. Licensees and permittees may review assessed fees using the FCC's Media Look-Up website – Certain entities are exempt from payment of regulatory fees, including, for example, governmental and non-profit entities. Section 1.1162 of the FCC's Rules provides guidance on annual regulatory fee exemptions. Broadcast licensees that believe they qualify for an exemption may refer to the FCC's Media Look-Up website for instructions on submitting a Fee-Exempt Status Claim.

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  1. Gazton says:

    On my most recent bill (Dec 29, 2009) the bill saettd the following:Regulatory Charge/Ts&Cs ChangesEffective 1/1/10, the Regulatory Charge will increase to $0.40/line.Per the Sprint terms and conditions:If a change we make to the Agreement is material and has a material adverse effect on Services under your Term Commitment, you may terminate each line of Service materially affected without incurring an Early Termination Fee only if you: (a) call us within 30 days after the effective date of the change; and (b) specifically advise us that you wish to cancel Services because of a material change to the Agreement that we have made. If you do not cancel Service within 30 days of the change, an Early Termination Fee will apply if you terminate Services before the end of any applicable Term Commitment. After receiving the notice of this materially adverse change, I contacted Sprint, was disconnected once when attempting to speak to a supervisor, and then finally ended up speaking with a supervisor named Antonio (AXH9835) who repeatedly denied my request to have my account marked so that no ETF would be applied when I ported my numbers away (or mark my account as fulfilled). I specifically saettd that per the Terms and Conditions I was contacting them within 30 days of the effective date of the change (per my bill) and that they were required per the contract to allow me to cancel my contract and port my numbers to another carrier without an ETF. He again rudely denied my request stating that even though the Terms and Conditions were saettd as a described that they were under no obligation to cancel my contract.Up until now I have been a relatively happy Sprint customer, but with this materially adverse change and my extremely poor experiences with the customer support department with respect to discussing these changes, once I have received confirmation that there will be no ETF applied, I will be porting my numbers to another carrier right away.This is insane you follow Sprint’s written instructions for dealing with this sort of thing and are rudely denied (how can you even deny this it’s written clearly in their legal agreements?). I *was* a happy Sprint customer, but they’ve now lost my business. Beware of this company’s tricky maneuvering tactics.

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