Civility And Conflict Resolution

Is civility in our society spiraling downward? It often feels like that nowadays.  This does not have to be the case in our families and in our own circles of colleagues and friends if we pay attention to how we are engaging in the resolution of different points of view.   Civility is more than just politeness.  It is possible to disagree with dignity and respect.  Yes, it is possible to go high rather than low when a challenge presents itself. The clients who come to me are somewhat self-selecting in the desire for an amicable, respectful way to approach their conflict.   Even when one or both parties do not know how to engage in such a process there is a strong wish to avoid creating an adversarial situation – or making the current situation worse. That is the case whether the conflict is relatively low or high.  I structure negotiations with civility in mind.  The process is structured so that the participants can work…

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