Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump's New Series Evidence of Innocence Now Airing On TV One @tvonetv @BenCrumpLaw @FSUCollegeofLaw @AttorneyCrump

Via the National Law Journal:Noted civil right attorney Ben Crump is launching Evidence of Innocence, a new television show devoted to exploring the stories of the wrongly convicted. In an interview with Angela Morris of the NLJ, he explained,One thing we are trying to do with the show is affect the hearts and minds of prospective future jurors who will be sitting in court passing judgment. The message is simple: Don’t take what the police and prosecutors say, their narrative, as the gospel and disbelieve the poor people of color. You see in this show there are a lot of nefarious things being done by government officials who are convicting and incarcerating many people who are innocent—especially people of color. The show's first episode aired June 4. 

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