China Third Party Hiring Agencies: Are You Talking to Me?

One of our China lawyers got an email the other day that cited to a super old post we did on using third party hiring agencies in China. The reader then went on to essentially excoriate us for getting it wrong on China third party hiring. The email (modified a bit to protect the guilty) was as follows: First of all congratulation for your blog, there is some great content on it. However i am very skeptical about the reasons you give for recommending labor dispatch services in China.I have been studying this topic for quiet a while as my company initially needed to dispatch a staff in China to setup supply chain management in a Shanghai factory.On your blog you mention there is the possibility of doing third party employment in China. However after checking with wo local China lawyers it appears this practice is illegal — it works so long as the government does not look into it.A rew companies like _____ and ________ are openly illegally providing these third party…

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