Child visitation via technology: A legit, worthwhile request?

If you are reading this right now, you are likely online, surfing various sites on one of the few computers you likely own. Technology has basically become a necessity in our lives, at least when it comes to our careers or school. But could technology also become a staple of connecting families after divorce? A recent Huffington Post piece discusses the difficulty parents face after divorce in regards to missing their children. Even if child custody is shared between parents, the difference of not being able to see one's children regularly is devastating. That's where programs like Skype come in. According to the report, a New York family court judge set a precedent in a case with a ruling that explicitly addressed the use of technology in regards to keeping the family connected. In the specific case, the custodial mother wanted to move out of state with her and her ex's children. The judge would allow it, but only if the mother made sure that the kids could talk to and see their father over Skype on a regular basis. It's pretty incredible. We are living in a time when technology isn't just meant to help connect us to information; it can connect us with what we value the most – our family. Of course, seeing one's children or children seeing their parent over a computer camera is not the same as waking up in the same house with them, but the technological option is reportedly making lives easier for many who are learning how to live happily after divorce. What do you think about this issue? Are you divorced, and, if so, do you depend on technology to bridge the separation among your family? How is that working? Source The Huffington Post: "Virtual Visitation Rights A Looming Legal Question," Eric Vllency, 7 Mar. 2011

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