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PSYCHOLOGISTS' CHILD CUSTODY STRATEGIES By World Famous Ph.D. Custody Experts-1200+ Pages-The Biggest And The Best For 7 Years! …My family financiallly supported the child for 12 years , but I didn't. Can I sue for custody. I am married and have… emotionally invested in the child – do you see it as your son/daughter? More…they see you as their father? Why do you want custody now anyway? Sorry once again I have more… …or fight about the visitations and custody rights. If we have a typed… exposure when dealing with custody of a child the only thing that ever matters… child support would the father still have to pay even after abdicating, and would the father still have the right to see the child. up his parental rights to the child then he has no rights as… …old together and expecting our third child now. We seperated in 2007 for 3 months… …and got my child. I got …I want is my child what do I do????? … Sounds he is playing with your motion… you have to stop him by not showing any reaction… Who is responsible for the transportation? The mother or the father? My son lives with me, He goes with… You should drop the child off, than he does the same thing on Sunday, or you… He is probably going to be there a long time…and he is a total peice of sh*t… has a big… Depends on where you are. In California 2k to 5k sounds about right. There is allegation of abuse and my child is 15 years old. We have… It honestly depends on how long it last. Most of the time the initial consultation is free. This is… I am about to get custody of my kids during the school year…it up so that he doesn't have to pay me child support. How many days are… ]]> It was 14, what is it now? And will the fact that my husband is on probation have any factor? Can a relative with permanent custody adopt the child? … if the parents give up their parental rights … going to try to fight us for custody when he turns 12. Any advice for me… you up, treat it as non-chalant as what a child craves more then anything is… My situation is I have a daughter and the father has been violating the order for quite… good then go back in and file a custody dispute. If you can prove your good then you… …every Wed. I feel like I'm sharing custody with them and not my son's dad…to be there during his visitation that the child remain with me. Is this possible? Any… It's the "or" in the court document that allows him to do this without your having a choice in the matter. Since… I can not afford a attorney. Can I represent myself? Does anyone know of any sites where I can do my own research… can bleed you dry with state enforced child support, but the state won't life a… …27yrs old) She is collecting child support and welfare. Is there something…know about this and he can fight for full custody?! please help! living off of welfare and child support. If the house she lives in… …old boy as result.Have 2 take father 2 court 4 child support because he refused to pay a… Start with supervised visitation and see how it goes, if it is an issue, then move for no visitation… …with his county to petition the court for joint custody-so that she can live with him and i … What really matters, its that you two be able to give to your daughter the best conditions, so that she may… … seeking to modify the current custody of my daughter to be changed to her… Custody? It's a form of access or custody where the children stay in the former family residence and… …w/ kids. We have shared custody and volunteered child support from him. He is no … the OCSE typically will not represent you in a custody fight. They only handle the child support aspect. I'd find a local attorney and… …this changed to full legal and physical custody as I have evidence he is using… like? Some men will sign over custody without a court battle if they know they…will fight the hardest for your children. I found out the hard way… after adoption procedures … The Biological mother or father (if he is known) have only 6 month's to change their mind's(1 yr max in some… She wants to move to Pennsylvania from Arizona. Can she leave with their child. to maintain residence in a certain state. Your custody order will have to be revised so that you can perhaps get the child longer for summer, christmas and such… …prove it, and therefore he can petition to drop child support all together *He only pays for… mentioned in our divorce and custody agreement. Can he do that? Get a court to require… …the couple get divorced and the children are both say 5 years old… Yeah that's what they say in Islam. I think the reasoning is something to do with the mother not being… …Stepmother have to be watching the children instead of my girlfriend, the Biological Mother… the father be gone? Does the child custody agreement have a "right of first refusal" in… … Contact the British Embassy and stay in contact with the Children. They need to know you care. … and my mother received full custody of both me and my sister. Fast-forward ten…to do this – he's never missed a child support check and has gone… factor considered by the court to be relevant to a particular child custody dispute … More Child Custody FAQ please visit :

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