Child Custody Modification In Florida

As a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney, I am often asked whether a child custody order can be modified after a divorce in Florida. In short, yes, parents can change their Florida custody agreement. However, the standard under Florida Law if often difficult to satisfy. In general, Florida courts require a substantial change in circumstances to justify the modification of a child custody agreement in Florida. A parent asking for the change can show a substantial change in circumstances in several ways. Some examples include a geographic move or a change in lifestyle. If a custodial parent makes a significant move, or a move will seriously disrupt the stability of a child's life, the move may qualify as a substantial change in circumstance and warrant a modification of the custody agreement. Additionally, if substantial changes in a parent's lifestyle threatens or harms a child, a modification to the custody agreement may be granted. Florida courts use the "best interests of the child" standard as a guiding principle when making custody decisions. This principle often trumps all other factors when making any kind of custody decision. A parent wishing to change the residence arrangement under a divorce decree has a heavy burden to satisfy. In these cases, it is essential to retain a good Florida family law lawyer. If you have any questions about specific circumstances, contact a Florida family law attorney today, and I will be happy to help you.

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