Checkpoint Strikeforce Operation over Labor Day Weekend to Help Prevent Car Accidents

The Maryland Highway Safety Office uses the Checkpoint Strikeforce program to educate people about driving under the influence and remove impaired drivers from Maryland roadways. This program consists of highly-publicized DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols combined with media blitzes designed to educate drivers. State and local officers may work together to conduct the checkpoints, which are held during late nights, happy hours and early morning hours when impaired drivers tend to use Maryland roadways. Law enforcement officers aim to keep reckless drivers off the road with additional saturation patrols. During Maryland DUI checkpoints, officers aggressively pursue those who commit traffic offenses such as speeding and failure to signal when changing lanes or making turns. Officers also target those who do not use their safety belts and those who do not have their children properly restrained. When used with DUI checkpoints and other DUI prevention measures, these saturation patrols can improve the safety of the roads used by millions of Maryland residents and out-of-state visitors each day. In addition to the recent Labor Day weekend checkpoints and patrols, the Checkpoint Strikeforce program includes a six-month period of intense enforcement, which runs from July through December. Focusing on this time frame gives law enforcement officers the opportunity to keep dangerous drivers off the roads during the busy holiday season. At Alpert Schreyer, our aggressive criminal defense lawyers in Maryland have the legal skills and experience to help get your DUI charges reduced or dismissed. We are familiar with the many potential ways in which law enforcement officers can make mistakes when conducting field sobriety tests, DUI checkpoint stops and breath alcohol testing. To find out more about how our attorneys can defend your rights, call 1-866-444-6363 for a free and confidential case evaluation today.

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