Celebrity Summit Stuck in San Juan

Several guests aboard the Celebrity Summit have notified us that the cruise ship is currently unable to leave the port in San Juan, Puerto Rico due to what the guests understand to be either a “computer glitch” or “propulsion issues.” The Summit was scheduled to leave San Juan yesterday  but has been unable to due to what the cruise lines often refer to euphemistically as “technical issues.” The Cruceros Puerto Rico twitter page (translated) refers to unspecified “mechanical” or “electrical problems in the bridge.” CELEBRITY SUMMIT no pudo zarpar anoche de la bahía de San Juan, Puerto Rico ya que confronto problemas mecánicos. #crucerospuertorico #cruceristasdeborinquen pic.twitter.com/ltUfG1ADiW — Cruceros Puerto Rico (@CrucerosPR) January 18, 2019 The website also states that the U.S. Coast Guard needs to inspect the ship before it is permitted to continue on its itinerary. The…

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