Celebrating the Fourth of July: Tips for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorders

Independence Day can be an exciting holiday for children of all ages and abilities. Firework shows, parades, barbecues, festivals, and many other fun activities can create an action-packed celebration. But for children with sensory processing disorders, the commotion can be more upsetting than entertaining. To prepare for Independence Day with your child, we’ve compiled a few sensory-friendly tips from sites, bloggers, and resources around the web. Bring a Safe Space Children with sensory needs may feel overwhelmed by the commotion of Fourth of July festivities. They may want to retreat to a safe space, or an area with minimal sensory stimuli. It can be hard to provide this during a party or event, but something as simple as a blanket, tent, or umbrella can serve as a portable safe space. Engage with your Child Oftentimes when a child is in a new environment, you are their best comfort. Engaging with them and putting their needs first is the best way to help them enjoy an…

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