CBP Buffalo Seizes $144,733 Cash

During fiscal year 2017, CBP in Buffalo reports they seized cash from a total of 10 people, and a total amongst those 10 of $144,733. I didn’t have any clients among those 10 last year, but I have handled cash seizure cases in Buffalo in the past. In years past, we’ve commented on the annual fiscal year report from CBP in Buffalo. FY 2015: CBP Buffalo seized $267,323 in a total of 22 currency seizures; FY 2014: CBP Buffalo seized over $450,000 in a total of 23 currency seizures; Here’s the breakdown of all Enforcement and Traffic incidents at the Port of Buffalo from October 2016 through October 2017: Enforcement Statistics Traffic Statistics Narcotic Seizures 640 Port of Entry Personal Vehicles Trucks Arrests 507 Currency Seizures 10 Totaling: $144,733 Buffalo 4,814,967 960,791 Merchandise Seizures 1,564 Totaling: $2,133,393 Champlain 1,004,351 309,327 Inadmissibles 11,340 Trout River 149,279 16,586 Agriculture Pest…

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