Carnival Cruise Ship Knocked off Mooring in Port Canaveral

A Carnival cruise ship was knocked off its moorings in Port Canaveral by a strong gust of wind, causing the cruise ship's departure to be delayed by about 12 hours. According to Carnival Cruise Lines, the cruise ship, the Carnival Pride was scheduled to depart at 7 PM, but was knocked off its moorings at about 5:45, by a strong gust of wind while it was docked at the Port. According to the cruise line company, no injuries were caused to the crew members of the passengers on the cruise ship. The vessel was pulled back into the dock, and passengers were able to return to the vessel. However, the vessel departure was delayed by about 11 hours. According to Carnival, the delay was due to a failure of the mechanism that causes the anchor to rise. This had to be fixed before the vessel could sail. A cruise is most people's idea of a great vacation, but there are any number of things that can go wrong on a cruise. For the past few months, maritime attorneys have come across an almost continuous stream of horror stories from cruises, ranging from food poisoning outbreaks to freak waves. It's not only passengers who are at risk of injuries in accidents like this, but also crew members who must sacrifice their own safety and comfort to care for passengers. Unfortunately, often crew members find that when they are injured, they are undercompensated, leaving them with grave financial distress. If you have been injured in a cruise line accident, contact a maritime attorney or a cruise ship injury attorney at my firm for a consultation.

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