Car and Bicycle Accidents Involving Personal Injury

Accidents involving cars and bicycles can result in serious personal injuries for the bicyclists, considering the size and weight of the car against a lightweight bicycle. It is important that both car drivers and bicyclists respect the presence of each other on the roads to avoid accidents. Car drivers must acknowledge the fact that bicyclists are highly vulnerable to injuries and should be more cautious when a bicycle is around on the road. Victims of such accidents may consult with Louisville car accident attorneys to seek protection of their rights under the law or visit the Alitowski & Moore Louisville facebook page for the Alitowski & Moore located at 332 W. Broadway Suite 613, Louisville, KY 40202 – 502-582-9100. Louisville car accident attorneys can be extremely active in cases where there is a collision between the cyclist and the car driver. Many people will automatically feel sorry for the cyclist when they are in a collision with a car. But this is not always the case or at least this automatic assumption the driver did not give way or was at fault is not correct. Many times cyclists do not stop at red lights assuming they have the right away, swerve in front of cars forcing traffic to go at their speed when the cyclist could make life easier for all by remaining on the sidewalk, or the cyclist is simply not paying attention and they hit a car when the car was in the right. The situations are endless but assumptions on who is right on the road should not be quickly determined. Common Acts of Negligence by Car Drivers If a car driver becomes impatient or annoyed with the presence of a bicycle on the road, it may cause the driver to act negligently. When a bicyclist is blocking the car's way on an intersection, the car driver may be tempted to take a dangerous turn in front of the bicyclist. A sharp turn may result in the bicyclist getting knocked over or suffering a collision with the side of the turning car. Therefore, the car driver must allow the bicycle to clear the intersection before taking a turn. If the car driver fails to allow sufficient space to a bicycle while passing, it may hit the bicyclist with the side-view mirror or force the cycle to go off the road. A car driver in a hurry may fail to take note of a path designated for bicyclist and may strike a bicyclist who is not expecting a car in that space. Opening a car door suddenly in a parked vehicle may obstruct the way of an oncoming bicycle causing serious injury. Car drivers should also be aware that a bicycle's braking ability cannot be compared with other vehicles. They must also exercise caution with a speeding bicyclist because it is more difficult to estimate the speed of a bicycle, and any error of judgment may result in an accident. Victims of car-bicycle accidents may seek legal aid from Louisville car accident attorneys in case of a personal injury. Bicyclist's Negligence One of the common acts of negligence that some bicyclists tend to commit is jumping traffic signals. It is difficult for speeding bicycles to come to a sudden stop before a red light sign, so unless the bicyclist has slowed down well in time, it may not be possible to stop at the signal, increasing the risk of an accident. On busy intersections, a bicyclist may be tempted to pass the vehicles on the right to save time. This can be dangerous if the vehicle in the front makes an unexpected turn to the right. Bicyclists may be tempted to exceed permissible speed limits on an empty road. However, they should be aware that maintaining control and applying brakes on a bicycle at high speed can be much more difficult than handling an automobile. Bicycle maintenance is an important duty of the bicyclists to ensure that a breakdown does not occur at a precarious moment on the road. Bicyclists who suffer personal injuries in a car accident may discuss the facts of the case with Louisville car accident lawyers to evaluate their legal position. Bicycle Accidents involving Children When a child is riding a bicycle on the road, the risk of an accident may be higher. A child may not be adequately trained or aware about the inherent risks associated with bicycle riding and the potential consequences of collision with a heavy vehicle. Wearing a helmet is also critically important to prevent severe head injuries. Child bicyclists may have a higher chance of indulging in negligent conduct on the road. Children are more likely to seek thrills from a bike ride or indulge in adventurous conduct while biking, which increases the risk of accidents. Car drivers are also expected to exercise more caution when they see a child on a bicycle. Victims of car-bike accidents may approach experienced Louisville car accident lawyers to determine their legal position and seek protection of their rights under the written law.

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