Can the Buddhist notion of Bodhi be appropriated as a trademark?

Trademarks in connection with religious and spiritual movements can pose a special set of challenges for registration and enforcement. Kat friend Jolena Ang reports on a most interesting instance that took place before the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. Enlightenment (“Bodhi”) is known to all Buddhists as the ultimate goal in Buddhism. “Bodhi” is loosely defined as the moment when a Buddhist finds the truth about life and stops being reborn. According to Buddhists, the Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama, reached “Bodhi” while meditating under a sacred fig tree. Given the fundamental significance of the term “Bodhi” amongst Buddhists, the Singapore Registrar of Trade Marks in In the Matter of a Trade Mark Registration in the Name of Kwek Soo Chuan and an Application for Declaration of Invalidity thereof by Eley Trading Sdn Bhd [2017] SGIPOS 15 had to decide if a trade mark registration for…

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