Can Tech Solve America’s Forest Management Crisis?

By: Jake Plovanic  After another wildfire season raged through California and the western United States, the debate over how best to minimize and manage future blazes has intensified. The total destruction of the city of Paradise and the loss of scores of lives in the Camp Fire mark a sobering new reality for the agencies tasked with fighting, predicting, and preventing these fires. Climate change is making fire season longer, hotter, and more dangerous in the western states. Cities and suburbs continue to encroach into fire-prone wildland. Both issues require redefining the approach to managing the fires and the forests that fuel them. Considering that the 2017 Wine Country fires were virtually knocking on Silicon Valley’s door and last year’s fires blanketed the Bay Area with days of dangerously unhealthy smog, it is a fair question to wonder how America’s tech capital can best apply its cutting edge solutions to forest management problems. Modern…

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