Can I Keep my Cell Phone After Filing for Bankruptcy?

Walker & Walker Fan Help You With A Fresh Start When you file for bankruptcy, people often expect to make a few sacrifices. Sometimes if you have lots of equity in your house, then your cell phone isn’t protected in a Minnesota bankruptcy.  Don’t worry, though, there are almost always ways to keep it, and the data on it will always be protected.  After all, a smart phone is an absolute necessity in this day and age. In order to help determine what sacrifices, if any, are necessary, your lawyer will work with you to make a list of everything valuable that you own.  This list is called Schedule A/B.  It has a category for listing all electronics, and the courts expect detail.  For example, you should list “Iphone X,” it isn’t enough to put “Smart Phone.” It is important to put everything down on this list, as if it is discovered later in the bankruptcy process by the bankruptcy trustee that you left something…

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